Duckwrth’s New Single ‘Quick’ ft KIAN

Let’s kick this week off right with some new Duckwrth, say hello to his new track, ‘Quick’ featuring KIAN.

Critically-acclaimed LA rapper, Duckwrth has dropped a new track bolstered by its skittering guitar riff, unique beat and smooth harmonies, ‘Quick’ featuring KIAN is one track you should be blastin’ on your stereos.

That’s not all, Duckwrth has also announced the anticipated release of his label debut album, ‘Supergood’ which is slated for release this week.

There’s something about its unique energy, funky spirit and hip hop spice that gives off those ultimate ‘anthem’ vibes, further bolstered with KIAN’s captivating hook.

You can tell Duckwrth is really channelling those classic R&B and hip hop vibes intermingled with a more uptown, funkier flavour.

“The song sees Duckwrth finding his pocket on the bouncy instrumental that you’d normally hear on dance floors throughout the states, if it wasn’t for the current era of isolation and quarantine,” HYPEBEAST said.

Over the last five years, Duckwrth has rapidly risen up the ranks as a promising artist in the international music scene and this upcoming album has actually been in the works for quite a while now.

“I actually had the name of this album since 2013, and just the feeling of it.

“But I was never in the right space with myself mentally and energy-wise to be able to present an album that felt like a celebration, an album that was made with nothing but love and joy,” Duckwrth told Consequence of Sound.

So, what can we actually expect from ‘Supergood’?

This is definitely not a time to hold back, as Duckwrth gives some killer bars over an array of musical styles, including R&B, house, gospel, rap and Afrobeat. So there’s guaranteed to be something on there for EVERY listener.

It was way back in 2010, when Duckwrth started to find his groove, as he started releasing his own tunes online which gradually led to a growing audience.

As this audience accumulated, he released his first full-length album, ‘I’m Ugly’ in 2016, which was followed by a mixtape the following year.

More recently, he dropped ‘The Falling Man’ EP in 2019.

Over the last five years, he has risen up the ranks as an exciting young talent in the game, with his music already receiving optimistic reception across NPR, The FADE, Complex, XXL and many more.

He has even opened for the likes of Billie Eilish and Anderson .Paak, plus his tunes have also featured across campaigns for Cadillac, Film, Vans, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple Music.

It’s obvious really… if you’re not listening to Duckwrth by now then you are seriously missing out.

Now you have no excuse, go listen to ‘Quick’ featuring KIAN right HERE.

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