New On The Block: A.GIRL

Tired of your old playlist? Ya gal has the perfect addition, A.GIRL is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Hinenui-Terangi Tairu, better known as A.GIRL, is a 20 year old hip hop artist raised out of Western Sydney with tunes rooted to the connection to her family’s Maori homeland in New Zealand.

So, why should you be listening to her music?

Fresh out the studio, A.GIRL has just dropped her first single, ‘Lola’ since winning Next Big Thing at FBI Radio’s 2020 SMAC Awards.

Produced by Taka Perry, the shimmering production with A.GIRL’s audacious vocals take on her alter-ego, ‘Lola’, a girl with a tough exterior which rather represents, “the side of ourselves we fear but is a necessary part of our whole”.

One thing we love about A.GIRL is her well-thought lyricism and musical proficiency.

Her debut single, ‘2142’ is just that being named after the postcode of her residence, as she seeks to give her listeners a peek into the darker side of living in her residence, which resonated well as the album nabbed much community and global radio support.

Her second single, ‘Play’ is one tune that is particularly special, standing out due to the fact that it was actually written by A.GIRL alongside her mother and sister.

Her follow-up third single, ‘All Over You’ delves into a more sensual side, grabbing the eyes of many radio programmers across the nation, including Triple J support and she even took out Triple J’s Unearthed Listen Out Festival slot.

And if you thought that wasn’t enough, she has even featured in Ticketmaster’s, ‘Ones-To-Watch’ in 2020 and earlier this year, she was crowned the Next Big Thing at FBi Radio’s SMAC Awards.

Chatting to Triple J, A.GIRL describes how her sound isn’t shaped from the tempting circulating trends.

“My sound is constantly evolving the more I live and experience, the more music I create, the more new layers is will be added to my songs.”

Just before we finish this article up, one interesting fact about A.GIRL you probably didn’t know, is that her greatest inspiration behind her songwriting is healing, as music allows her to articulate her emotions.

“Healing is definitely my greatest inspiration. Music has helped express my emotions in a way that no other form of expression could do,” she said.

Go check out these three A.GIRL bangers to amp the start of your week up. Don’t forget to go give A.GIRL a follow on SoundCloud for all that new music goodness.



‘All Over You’

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