Unpacking Julia Stone’s New Single ‘Unreal’

If there’s one musician you should be getting pumped about, it’s Julia Stone and her latest single, ‘Unreal’.

This new single follows up from her return track, ‘Break’ which amassed 1.3 million streams worldwide.

It’s been quite a while since Julia was creating tunes alongside her brother, Angus as part of Angus & Julia Stone and who could forget 2017’s Gold-accredited album, ‘Snow’ featuring hit single, ‘Chateau’ which nabbed third spot on the 2018 Triple J Hottest 100.

But this year is different, in a good way.

Reinvigorated and reborn, Stone delves into her own authenticity with this layered, sample-heavy and colourful tune tells a tale of friendship but opens up to the experiences of alienation in a relationship.

Ultimately, ‘Unreal’ and ‘Break’ are only just the beginning of great body of work in store.

So, let’s break Stone’s new tune down.

‘Unreal’ is a contrast between the darkness and delight, written specially for her close collaborator and producer, Thomas Bartlett.

“The song sort of transformed, it’s also a bit about he feeling of somebody making you feel like you can never quite be real and be yourself,” Stone said.

The tune’s visual adaption was shot on Sydneys’ Coogee beach and was directed by Bonnie Moir, who has been known for being the brains behind the lens if various internationally acclaimed short films.

“What appealed to me must about this project, aside from the opportunity to work with the magnetic and talented Julia, was the chance to explore the emotional territory of relationships, love, loss and grief through the lens of the sci-fi genre,” Moir said.

The video depicts a futuristic, ‘Hollywood-esque’ plot of love, loss and memories, as Stone is repeatedly brought back to life as a clone, while her crush fails to let go of his loss.

Sydney-siders are also in for a treat, Stone has announced she will perform live across two intimate special nights at The Factory Theatre on the 6th and 7th of November.

All we can say is these live shows will bring Australia’s music-loving community together in such a time of great uncertainty.

“With the upcoming concert series, I wanted to take part in the healing of hearts in these troubling and uncertain times.

“Live music will always bring people together, celebrate our humanity and nurture our bond. Music heals as much as it excites, and I want to do all I can to re-establish our connection to one another,” she said.

If you are living in Sydney then what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets HERE.

Get attuned to the glorious new sound of Julia Stone and take a listen to ‘Unreal’ HERE.

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