New On The Block: Pap Chanel

Any young woman who has a desire to succeed in a male dominated industry should seriously tune into the latest work from one of the most promising arising female rappers’, Pap Chanel’s new EP ‘Pretty and Paid.’

Jaida Chanel Roby, better known as Pap Chanel, is already one of Atlanta’s most celebrated female rappers.

‘Pretty and Paid’ marks Pap’s first official project and features seven killer tunes each crafted with their own vibe, superbly showcasing her diversity.

What really stands out on this album is Pap’s ability to not only rap, but also sing and pen some serious bars which solidifies her as a powerful force in the rap game.

Growing up in the small country town of Georgia and proudly claiming herself as a ‘country gal’ working to pave the way for other creatives from similar backgrounds.

But none of this has come easy for Pap, she has dedicated herself to working tirelessly since middle school to put herself on the map.

At 12 years old, she penned her first rap tapping into the talents of Nicki Minaj and Foxy Brown.

From that moment onwards, she began free styling and often took on rap battles while beating many of her upper-class male classmates and it wasn’t long before she began taking rap seriously.

Following her high-school graduation, she began dropping some tunes on SoundCloud and very quickly received over one million streams and her social media following began to skyrocket.

In fact, Pap has already worked with the likes of T.I., who she credits for teaching her everything about the music industry and rap game.

The incredible thing about Pap is that this is really only just the start and her unapologetic confidence has allowed her to garner such a strong fan base which continues to grow.

Let’s take a peek at ya gal’s top three picks for ya playlist from Pap Chanel’s latest EP, ‘Pretty and Paid’.


‘Big Way’

‘Get Down’

Go nab your very own copy of ‘Pretty and Paid’ HERE.

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