Petit Biscuit Drops New Single ‘Drivin Thru The Night’

If you can cast your mind back a few years you may remember Petit Biscuit’s dreamy tune, ‘Sunset Lover’, well all you Petit fans are in fora treat just in time for Spring.

Petit Biscuit is back with new music, dropping his lead single off his forthcoming LP, ‘Drivin Thru The Night’.

Featuring some playful vocals documenting a night of intense longing and soul searching, Petit’s flow is evident in the shimmering electro-pop production which really highlights his maturation and growth as a producer.

That’s not all, the tune’s cinematic music video takes viewers on a mesmerising journey through urban streets to a glittering skyline view in a matter of minutes.

The tune was actually penned in Iceland, as he was isolating for months, while missing his family but at the same time was distant from external pressures which ultimately allowed him to delve deeper into his insecurities and self.

The last few years have been quite busy for Petit, dropping ‘I Leave Again’, a collaboration with his longtime friend, Shallou.

The tune and its accompanying music video captivated many fans and listeners, sustaining approximately 22 million global streams and nabbing much global support from Triple J, SiriusXM Chill and Virgin.

For those experiencing the sounds of Petit Biscuit for the first time, it might be worth taking a listen to his debut album, ‘Presence’ which charted worldwide back in 2017.

Credited by Earmilk as “a powerful momentous album”, ya gal recommends you take a listen to hits, ‘Waterfall’ and of course, ‘Sunset Lover’.

If that wasn’t enough, Petit has acquired over one billion Spotify streams over his career trajectory and was awarded best live performer at the NRJ DJ Awards 2018.

Go immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of Petit Biscuit’s, ‘Drivin Thru The Night’ HERE.

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