New On The Block: Bree Runway

Making music while in school and using her first ever pay cheque to buy a small home studio, it wasn’t long before Bree Runway moulded herself into a powerhouse female musician ready to take the globe by storm.

Brendah Mensah, better known as Bree Runway, is a singer, rapper and songwriter born and raised out of Hackney, London.

If this is your first time listening to Mensah, why not start with her first EP, ‘RNWY 01′ which received plenty of early acclaim and gave her the assurance to delve more into her own personal issues on her follow-up EP, ‘Be Runaway’.

Mensah was not immune to bullying during her teenage years, which mainly circulated around the colour of her skin. In fact, her EP dives into her use of bleaching creams which led to extensive corrective treatment in later years.

But Mensah, was not a victim to this pain from her past and credits these experiences for giving her strength and shaping her for the better.

Mensah acknowledges her parents putting her on the path of loving music.

“My dad was the one who put me on the path of loving music.

“I’m from Ghana so it was through him playing genres like High Life that my interest really sparked,” she said.

Like many of us, Mensah’s musical vision goes all the way back to being glued to the TV watching her MTV heroes as a young teenager.

“They’re not thinking about camera angles or how good they look – they’re just totally free, content in their own presence.

“They weren’t afraid to get ugly for their art and that kind of non-conformity drives what I do,” she said.

If there’s one thing that ya gal admires about Bree’s sound is its genre fluidity, as you can clearly hear mixed elements of pop, trap, dance, R&B and rock.

Without further or of, let’s get into ya gal’s top three picks to blast in ya car on the way to work.


‘Gucci’ featuring Maliibu Miitch

‘All Night’

Go chuck her a follow on Spotify HERE to stay up to date with all her latest bangers as they drop.

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