Top 3 Picks From Alicia Keys Album ‘ALICIA’

“Truth without love is just a lie” – Alicia Keys.

Marking a new chapter in her life, ‘ALICIA’ is a revelation just as it is a platform for accountability, not just for herself but perhaps is something for society more broadly.

‘ALICIA’ was actually due to be released earlier this year but was postponed due to the pandemic.

This body of work is one of Keys’ most unfiltered and an expression of all the sides and complexities to who she is.

“I’m sharing all of who I am and how I feel.

“I never could’ve titled an album Alicia before, I’m closer to myself than I’ve ever been,” Keys said.

Although this album definitely echoes a very different flavour but there is still that ‘everywoman’ vibe Keys is renowned for, as she taps into the multitude of experiences that shape today’s woman.

The vulnerability and often challenges that come with truth and love permeates throughout the album alongside the intimate lyrics and down-to-earth instrumentals that make each song feel as if its written just for you.

Keys brings in the talents of The-Dream, Swizz Beats and Ed Sheeran, who helped craft ‘Underdog’.

It’s quite obvious that bringing in these talented music minds allows Keys to give a transparent, personal perspective that give listeners a glimpse into all facets of her life.

What’s so refreshing about this album is how it flows so nicely, maintaining a gender-fluidity that perfectly aligns with the freedom and truth richly heard throughout this body of work.

This album is particularly special for Keys as she claims it as one that expresses her most truest form.

“I feel like I have for the first time, been most fully myself now,” Keys said.

Ultimately, if there’s one thing you should leave with after listening to this album, remember this.

“I want people to know that there’s all these sides to all of us, and me too,” Keys said.

If you still don’t know if this album will be the right fit for you, just take listen to ya gal’s hand-picked favourites below.

‘So Done’ featuring Khalid is the ultimate low-key groove and is something you can just listen to and feel content with, even if you’re in a place of confusion or growth.

This was really a collaboration we’ve all secretly been waiting for, as Keys and Khalid just ride to the rolling instrumentals, singing about mending yourself after changing yourself to fit how expect to see you.

‘Wasted Energy‘ featuring Diamond Platinumz is much more filled with saturated lo-fi psychedelic elements as lessons of finding the inner strength and confidence to pick yourself up even when those around you may not always be there to have your back.

‘Jill Scott’ featuring Jill Scott is perfect for your Sunday morning zen, as Keys purely dedicates the lyrics in admiration of Jill Scott.

Go snatch your own copy of ‘ALICIA’ right HERE.

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