New On The Block: Laurel

Known for writing, recording and producing all her music in her very own bedroom studio, Laurel Arnell-Cullen, better known as Laurel, is the perfect accompaniment to your lazy spring afternoons.

It was 2013, when Laurel first caught interest from several music bloggers, when she posted a demo for her song, ‘Next Time’.

What really makes her sound so alluring is her often haunting, lingering production and intricate instrumentals combined with her captivating voice.

Deciding to relocate to to inner city London from her hometown in Southampton, then she formally signed to a management company and began to take off.

The following year things started to pick up big time, as she dropped her first official single, ‘Fire Breather’ through her own label, Next Time Records and she finally dropped her first full-length album, ‘Dogviolet’ in 2018.

In fact, music has always played a significant part of Laurel’s life.

From the age of five, Laurel knew she wanted to be a singer, instantly drawn to the voice of Laura Marling, further inspired her to learn the Spanish guitar and play folk.

Right from the start she took things seriously, already penning her own songs and booking local gigs.

Fast forward to now, Laurel has launched a tasty new single, ‘Scream Drive Faster’ which is the perfect electro spring tune.

The new sound marks a massive shift in pace, as Laurel links up with Chrome Sparks to give listeners a modern twist on 80s pop, likened to something you could expect to hear on a Madonna record.

Laurel summed up the new single quite nicely, as setting the tone for the rest of the year.

“How serendipitous life can be. It is fun to remember, during 2020 as the world totally crumbles all around and everyone in charge sucks, that there is still magic in the air,” she said.

Supercharge your spring with ‘Scream Drive Faster’ HERE.

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