Adam Ricci drops new debut single ‘3AM Thoughts’

Fresh off the radar, Adam Ricci is back with a brand new tune, ‘3AM Thoughts’, all self-produced and mastered by Ricci in his bedroom.

You may remember Ricci from our previous article, formerly known for ‘Drippin’ in Hilfiger’ which he released under the protege of Yng Mellow, but he is back with a much more personal and raw tune.

From the moment you press play, ‘3AM Thoughts’ is definitely an intimate tune and sounds like something you could jam to on a late night drive.

You can hear Ricci’s vulnerability throughout the track’s progression, as he continues to deliver smooth melodic vocals articulating some pretty powerful lyrics.

For Ricci, the song actually evolved one night where he ended up penning the full tune in just 10 minutes.

“‘3AM Thoughts’ is a concept, a feeling and a totally different state of being. It’s that feeling when you’ve stayed up too late, maybe had a drink or two, and start getting in your feelings.

“One night I couldn’t sleep and I felt completely transported into the feelings and mindset of a rough time I had been through in the past. I just picked up my phone, went into my notes and wrote the whole song in around 10 minutes.

“It was almost as if I wasn’t even thinking, just my feelings and emotions flowing straight into words as poetry,” he said.

That’s not all, the accompanying music video is Ricci’s first and was filmed and edited by JustPlay Media.

The warmth of the neon lights flood each of the scenes of Ricci moving from the studio, to his bedroom and even an underground warehouse. There’s something about the dimmed lighting which creates this intimacy which almost makes it feel like Ricci is singing directly to you, nicely fitting the mood of the song.

Only just turning 19, Ricci is already shaping up to become a fast growing artist in the Perth music scene.

Already becoming well-known for producing, mixing and mastering his own beats and sounds while incorporating his classical training in guitar.

Ricci’s tunes have already been played on rotation across various Australian radio stations such as, Vox FM, Valley FM, Hustle n Grind Radio, YouthJam Radio, 5GTR FM and many more.

Don’t wait any longer, start amping up ‘3AM Thoughts’ on your stereo HERE.

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