Top 3 Picks From Bryson Tiller’s ‘ANNIVERSARY’

It may be warming up over here in Australia but Bryson Tiller’s latest album, ‘ANNIVERSARY’ is guaranteed to keep things cool and fresh when you’re out in the heat.

Tiller’s third album is crisp and atmospheric, revealing the often hidden complexities of relationships, articulating the good and bad of relationship tensions.

Lead singles, ‘Always Forever’ and ‘Inhale’ perfectly sump up the intended sultry, sexy mood of the record.

In true Tiller flair, his continuous effort to blend the lines between singing and rapping are evident and clearly heard on tunes like, ‘Times Change’.

Let’s not forget how pleased ya gal was to see Drake’s name pop up on the track listing for ‘Outta Time’.

In short, if there’s one thing that we should take away from this record, it’s that love doesn’t always happen at the highest or lowest points of our lives, rather it’s often those moments in between when we least expect it.

Let’s get straight to it with ya gal’s top three tunes from this stellar 10 track album.

‘Things Change’ is one tune that stood out for it’s mesmerising synth which is almost like swirling candy alongside the tweaked high-pitch vocals of his ‘ex’ swerving in and out of Tiller’s vocals, nicely articulating the lyricism of the tune. This is a up-tempo tune constantly switches as Tiller explains moving on from his ex while still providing her the closure she’s looking for in an honest, blunt way. Tiller doesn’t hold back, which you can definitely hear in the tone of his voice, as he mocks the little effort he gave to the relationship and how he won’t be gong back anytime soon.

‘Sorrows’ is a tune you can tell was perhaps written before ‘Times Change’ and seems as if it was penned in the immediacy of a breakup. This is by far my favourite of the album’s entirety. That deep, mysterious bass fused with the pulsing synth gives off some seriously seductive vibes that makes you just want to listen to on repeat.

Breaking down the track, it’s apparent Tiller is clearly expressing his need for his girl, articulating his urgency of wanting to see her despite being unaware that she has possibly moved on with another guy. Tiller isn’t afraid to say he’s lonely and missing her company as he sings, “it’s no fun when you’re not here with me, it’s no wonder you’re not here with me, yeah”.

Let’s just say, from the moment ya gal found out Drake and Tiller were collaborating on ‘Outta Time’ it was apparent this tune was obviously going to be a serious bop. There is definitely quite an airy, lighter vibe with this one, as Drake and Tiller are really given there own space to manoeuvre the production.

Throughout the course of the track, both Tiller and Drake contemplate returning to a previous relationship, realising that that they are beyond repair and they are both out of time to fix it. Once again, the production perfectly articulates this, particularly evident with the high-pitch warped vocals played in reverse as Drake’s section ends and Tiller’s begins midway through the tune.

Start your week the right way and get in the mood with Bryson Tiller’s, ‘ANNIVERSARY’ right here.

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