New On The Block: Rileyy Lane

I heard ya’ll need some new R&B in ya speakers, so to help you get through the rest of this crazy year ya gal has got y’all covered with Rileyy Lanez.

Only just making waves over the past few years, Lanez is a 19 year old Bronx singer-songwriter creating a sound that will instantly take you back to that early 2000s RnB sound.

Her debut single, ‘I’m Leaving’ has and is continuing to attain significant attraction, already solidifying 16 million streams alongside the accompanying music video which has over 7 million views.

That’s not al, Lanez also has her own original content series on YouTube called, ‘Lanez Life’ where she documents the highs and lows of her daily life.

Her most recent EP, ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ is particularly meaningful for Lanez.

“I’m proud that I was able to accomplish my own EP, which will be released very soon. It might not be big for some people, but it’s big for me because just a few months ago I was making videos of myself singing other people’s songs in my room, dreaming of being an artist,” she told Euphoria.

Like many young artists, Lanez’s music career all started from singing as a young girl and posting her own song covers online which soon garnered much external recognition.

Back in October, Rileyy linked up with Lil Tjay for the tune, ‘Post To Be’ which also amassed over a million views in just a short matter of days.

For Lanez, she has one message she wants her listeners to take away when listening to her music.

“I want them to know me for the messages I sing in my songs. With a lot of heartbreak and love, a lot of people don’t know how to copy and I want them to know their not the only people going through that in the world. I want my songs to let them know they’re not alone,” she told Respect.

To sum things up, here are ya gal’s top three Rileyy Lanez tunes ya gal is vibe’ out to at the moment.

‘Left 4 Me’

‘I’m Leaving’

‘Marry Me’

Want more? Go get yourself Rileyy’s full EP, ‘ Beautiful Mistakes’ HERE.

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