Top 3 Picks from Sam Smith’s ‘Love Goes’

“This album is how I healed myself” – Sam Smith.

Multi-award winning star, Sam Smith has dropped his hotly-anticipated new album, ‘Love Goes’.

The album features notable collaborations from Steve Mac, Shellback/MXM, Labrinth, Star Gate, Jimmy Napes and Guy Lawrence from Disclosure.

The album also features a selection of memorable bonus tunes from the past year like, ‘Dancing With A Stranger’, ‘How Do You Sleep?’ and ‘Promises’.

As heard throughout his previous album catalogue, this current record refers to the complexities of dealing with love and loss which is something not foreign to Smith.

The only difference with this album is that it’s fair from the softer ballads we have grown used to and rather takes a more lively, pop-fuelled vibe.

Not many will know this but the album was actually due to drop earlier this year but was delayed and reworked during the lockdown.

“When everything stopped, it made me realise the album wasn’t finished, in a weird way.

“There was talk of me not releasing anything at all and just going back to the drawing board but the last two years for me as a writer and singer were just so beautiful and freeing and I wanted to share that with people,” Smith said.

In fact, this record is one Smith is most proud of.

“When I look back at this album, it reminds me of the courage it took.

“To this day, there’s a music industry of people that want me to do a certain thing, to abide by the rules. The risks that I took and the stress it caused me to be truly myself and express myself in a queer way was really difficult, I’m proud of myself for doing that,” Smith said.

Let’s get straight onto ya gal’s top three.

‘Diamonds’ is the ultimate dance track of the album with it’s glistening up-tempo, electro-pop production marking a new era for Smith. Written back in 2019, he was in the studio pretending to be a really rich woman whose husband had left her and taken all her things.

“The moment I knew this song was something was when I played it to my mum and she freaked out,” Smith said.

‘Forgive Myself’ takes on a more slower pace. Probably labelled as one of the saddest tunes on the record due to it being written immediately following a breakup. A retrospective tune, Smith takes the driver seat by acknowledging that in order for him to move on he must forgive himself for all the things he had done in the relationship.

‘Another One’ is one of Smith’s most favourite songs he has penned to date.

“The day I wrote it in LA, I had the moment we’ve all been through, hearing through the grapevine that someone you’ve been with has met someone else, I was so sad,” he said.

But this song was really the ultimate healing moment for Smith as he allowed the tune to capture every emotion he was feeling at the time.

If you haven’t already given ‘Love Goes’ a listen, then jump onto it now right HERE.

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