New On The Block: UMI

Seattle-born, LA-raised singer/songwiter, UMI is already proving herself as an unstoppable R&B force.

Tierra Umi Wilson, or UMI, is best known for her 2018 hit, ‘Remember Me’ which to date has amassed a whopping 50 million streams on Spotify and 21 million YouTube views.

Growing up, she became attuned to plenty of R&B, soul, gospel and even Japanese pop/rock. Not to forget, UMI was greatly inspired by the everlasting style and sounds of Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Jhene Aiko and Sza.

In fact, she’s already been acknowledged by Vogue for her innovative yet alternative neo-soul, R&B lo-fi infused production.

From the age of four, she was already penning her own songs in her songwriting journal and it wasn’t until high school that she discovered YouTube beats and began writing lyrics to accompany the vibes of the tracks she was uncovering

After a few song cover copyrighting hiccups, she soon started writing and posting her own originals.

In 2017, UMI released an impressive five singles prior to dropping her four-track debut EP, ‘Interlude’ which eventually featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Best of 2017 Playlist.

For those not already acclimatised to the EP’s lead single, ‘Remember Me’ has a rather resonant message, particularly in the accompanying music video.

“The message in the video, for me, is that no matter who you love or how you love, we all hurt the same in the end,” UMI said.

In 2019, she was attending the University of Southern California but soon dropped out after realising music was her true passion.

That same year she released a selection of EP’s, including the ‘Balance’ EP which featured songs, ‘Ordinary’ and ‘Down To Earth’. Later in the year, she dropped ‘Love Language’ and just this year released, ‘Introspection’.

If you haven’t already, go check out UMI’s YouTube channel as she has some pretty sweet meditation and live performance videos to help you zone out after a hectic day.

Here are ya gal’s top three UMI picks for ya November playlists.

‘Love Affair’

‘Remember Me’

‘Down To Earth’

Stay in the loop with all UMI’s latest music updates by chucking her a follow on Spotify.

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