Ziggy Ramo re-works Miiesha’s ‘Tjitji’

If there’s one tune that’s guaranteed to get you through that mid-week slump it’s Ziggy Ramo’s take on Miiesha’s memorable tune, ‘Tjitji’.

Let’s just say ya gal has had this on repeat for the past few days and why is that you may ask?

Honestly, this song is so much more than just a soulful, soothing sound but rather it’s truth-telling and empowerment at its finest.

Ramo joins forces with Miiesha bring a voice to their individual Indigenous perspectives through smooth rap verses, soulful vocals and a blend of rhythmic hip hop.

The special collaboration was for the release of the ‘Deadly Hearts – Walking Together’ album which was released just ahead of NAIDOC Week and AUSMUSIC month.

The album celebrates music, culture and identity from the hearts and voices of a new generation of modern Australian artistry.

“Being asked to be on Deadly Hearts I knew I wanted to have my community involved as much as possible,” Miiesha said.

During a time of great isolation, this record weaves voices from all around Australia to make one powerful, unified release.

Here, both artists use this platform to speak for the many who are voiceless.

On the collaboration, Ramo says he was blown away by Miiesha.

“Miiesha is such an incredible artist and I was blown away by her album. She is such a storyteller that is so giving.

Listening to ‘Tjitji’ I felt compelled to tell my story and It was such a privilege to be able to sample her art and offer my own in return,” Miiesha said.

One thing you can take away after listening to this track in full, Ramo and Miiesha ain’t afraid to tell it how it is, bringing awareness and change to empower their listeners to look within, come together and realise we are all the solution.

Let’s hope this ain’t the last time we hear the two talented storytellers together on a track.

Go get your copy of ‘Deadly Hearts – Walking Together’ HERE.

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