Wesley Black drops fresh new single ‘Eleven’

So you thought Perth doesn’t have any musical talent? Well you’re about to be proven wrong!

Emerging Perth artist, Wesley Black has just dropped feisty new tune complete with raw, emotive lyricism and hard-hitting production.

Underneath the rather bold production, the lyrics tell a tale of fighting for someone you love even though you know they will eventually leave you.

Let’s not also forget the accompanying glowing visualiser which sets the perfect scene for this vivid production.

So forget the typical bass-heavy mumble rap we often tend to hear blastin’ across the radio because Black is bringing a much needed air of clarity, cadence and word play to your speakers.

If you haven’t already googled some of his other current releases, in short, the majority consist of some rather high voltage vocals showcasing his energetic dynamism.

What makes Black stand out is his signature sound which has already nabbed 27,000 plays on Spotify for ‘Red’ and further 27K on YouTube for ‘The End’, plus he’s even secured some Triple J airtime.

This is only the start for Black, as we expect he will only continue to deliver some more stand-out bangers into the future.

Go play Wesley Black’s ‘Eleven’ on repeat right HERE.

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