Top 5 Picks From Benee’s ‘Hey U X’

Fresh off the radar, released just a few weeks ago, New Zealand platinum sensation artist Benee is back with her debut album, ‘Hey u x’.

You’re probably already familiar with Benee’s groovy tune, ‘Supalonely’ but her latest debut album will give you more of that goodness ahead of the summer break.

Anyone who chooses to listen is in for a serious treat because you’ll hear some sweet collaborations with Lily Allen, Grimes, Flo Milli, Gus Dapperton, Mallrat, Kenny Beats, Baker and Muroki.

From one off-kilter bop to another, ‘Hey u x’ transforms those nostalgic Gen X vibes into a more Gen Z friendly tune, as Benee beautifully blends and breaks genre confines alongside a stellar selection of collaborators.

For Benee, the album is a purposeful combination of eclectic sounds.

“I’m writing music for one human listening to the music.

I wanted them to feel as connected as they can to my mind, so I called it ‘Hey u x’ like a message that you send to a friend,” Benee said.

You may already be slightly attuned to the lead single, ‘Kool’ which dropped in collaboration with the iconic video game, The Sims 4.

The accompanying music video pas homage to the popular video game.

‘Kool’ just oozes that nineties-style guitar, slick bass line and bumping beat which all adjoined nicely sums up the perfect Sims adventure.

That’s enough chatting, let’s get straight to ya gal’s top five picks from ‘Hey u x’.

‘Happen To Me’

‘Supalonely’ featuring Gus Dapperton


‘C U’ (one of my personal favourites!!!!)

Go blast Benee’s ‘Hey u x’ in full HERE.

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