Young Franco teams up with Denzel Curry and Peel for ‘Fallin’ Apart’

Strap ya beautiful selves in because ya gal has got a mighty fine tune just for you to bounce on ya airwaves all summer long.

Young Franco has just unveiled his biggest weapon yet for the summer, ‘Fallin’ Apart’ sees him team up with Miami rap legend, Denzel Curry and rising name, Pell.

Known for his crisp up-tempo house grooves fused with elements of contemporary hip hop, it’s clear that ‘Fallin’ Apart’ takes Franco’s signature zesty vibe to the next level.

Opening with an infectious sample of Steve Monite’s, ‘Thing’s Fall Apart’, it’s not long before Franco makes it his, sprinkling a spicy signature house beat into the tune and turning it into something more groovy.

As usual, Denzel Curry brings his tenacious energy moulding nicely to Franco’s sound, elevating the tune and making you instantly wonder why the heck we have been waiting this loooong for these two to collaborate.

Holding down the back end of the tune is New Orleans born- Jackson based artist, Pell, adding his own flavour and smooth flow over the pulsing synths.

Oh and you thought ya gal was done?

If you haven’t already given Young Franco and Pell’s earlier collaboration, ‘Juice’ go press play below to discover what you’ve been missing out on.

Also, if you want to turn heads at your next summer gathering check out Young Franco’s gold-accredited banger, ‘Miss You’ featuring Maribelle.

Don’t wait any longer, go jump on ‘Fallin’ Apart’ HERE.

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