RICH VALENTINE drop sizzlin’ summer tune, ’06 Summertime’

Your early Christmas present has arrived fam, get ready to turn your summer up to a whole new level with RICH VALENTINE’s zesty new single, ’06 Summertime’.

Ahead of the release of their hotly anticipated album, ‘L’AVENIR C’EST NOUS’, this fresh summer anthem marks the groups return following a one year hiatus.

Drawing inspiration from Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg’s unforgettable hit, ‘Beautiful’, ’06 Summertime’ stamps a genuine creative leap forward for the group.

What really makes this such the perfect summer tune is its addictive playful lyrics, fun rhythms and unflinching hip hop nature.

That’s not all, the accompanying video’s radiating carefree organic summer ambience will instantly take you to that summer party you’ve been dreaming of all winter.

The independent hip hop collective originating from Perth are known for pushing creative and artistic boundaries like no other.

Fusing their musical, artistic and fashion talents together, RICH VALENTINE want their emerging followers to remember, “rich is in the mind, not the pocket”.

Since their 2019 debut, RICH VALENTINE have already dropped two extended plays, one mixtape and a full-length album plus several singles including one with founding member of the world-renowned A$AP Mob, A$AP Twelvey who reached out to the group on his 2019 tour.

They even took to the stage at NYE Origin Fields alongside the likes of Tyler the Creator, Gunna and Skepta.

Ya gal virtually sat down with the lads to briefly break down the new single, so let’s get into it.

Congrats on the fresh new release, so how did it all come about?

DJ Jeweles: 06 was one of the last tracks the boys wrote, I think we were just looking for that sound and when we got it we knew it needed to lead the album launch.

What was the biggest inspiration behind the track?

Saint Rich: If you listen there’s a bunch of lyrical shout outs and the structure of the verses hook and post chorus are all a clever manipulation of ‘pop’ structure.

The biggest inspiration came from all the study I was doing on hit songs. The lyrical content was inspired by boys talking to girls at a club. We’ve all been at a club whispering sweet nothings into girls ears trying to get them to come back home with you, that’s why it starts “and the guys sing”.

The music video is so well put together, can you tell us why you chose to do the video the way you did?

BIx Boi: We wanted to show people how to enjoy the song, plain and simple. When you hear the song, you wanna dance, you wanna party, so we just gave them that vibe.

What were some of the best and most challenging parts of creating the video?

P: When working with no budget it’s always hard to get those crane Dollys ahaha.

For those about to give the tune a listen for the first time, if you could describe ’06 Summertime’ in three words what would they be?

Big Daddy: Summer, vibes and nostalgia.

Finally, can you reveal any surprises we can expect from your upcoming album, ‘L’AVENIR C’EST NOUS’?

Alien: We don’t really wanna give too much away, I think people should get ready to fall in love with rich though, that’s all I’ll say.

What are you waiting for? Go get your speakers ready and add RICH VALENTINE’s ’06 Summertime’ to your 2021 playlist HERE.

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