All You Need To Know About Laurel’s ‘Petrol Bloom’ EP

Let’s kick off 2021 with Laurel’s latest album, ‘Petrol Bloom’ which is sure to amp you up for the first month of 2021.

If there was an album specially designed for summer road trips this would be it, with just five killer tracks, be prepared to play ‘Petrol Bloom’ on repeat.

From first catching the eyes and ears of music bloggers in 2013, ‘Petrol Bloom’ marks Laurel’s fourth extended play and is probably one of her most impressive records yet.

So what was the inspiration behind ‘Petrol Bloom’?

According to Laurel, the work articulates a new place, a new romance and a new sound.

In fact, it was really during afraid trip across the American West where many songs began to flourish.

Those glistening ‘retro-futuristic’ sounds of Chrome Sparks work only to accentuate and strengthen Laurel’s broody, soft vocals.

As you can imagine, choosing three favourites was tough but here they are nonetheless.

‘Scream Drive Faster’

‘When You’re Walking Away’


Need a boost heading into the new year? Go press play on Laurel’s ‘Petrol Bloom’ HERE.

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