New On The Block: JAYDEAN

Let’s go old-school R&B this Thursday with the dazzling Melbourne-based artist, JAYDEAN.

If you’ve ever heard the sound of JAYDEAN you’ll instantly be drawn to his modern twist on the classic elements of 90s R&B many of us have grown up adoring.

In fact JAYDEAN isn’t really that ‘new’, he’s been gracing stages for quite a while now across the nation and has performed alongside Kaiit, Ruel, The Internet and Sza to name a few.

He’s also performed at Golden Plains, Strawberry Fields, Margaret Court Arena, Laneway Festival and Big Sound.

In 2019, he was nominated for APRA Song of the Year for his standout collaboration and performance of OG LUV KUSH Pt. 2 featuring Kaiit.

It’s pretty obvious, performing in front of thousands of people is what JAYDEAN was born to do.

Growing up, his influences stem from some of the world’s biggest music names such as D’Angelo, Prince, Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder.

For JAYDEAN, music is more than just a killer beat rather it’s a form of therapy where he is able to turn some of his darkest moments into an uplifting body of work not just for himself but for others in similar situations.

Let’s take a peek at a few of ya gal’s favourite JAYDEAN tunes.

Feeling down? ‘I Don’t Care’ is your answer. An almost therapeutic-type R&B gospel packed with a plenty of optimism as JAYDEAN refuses to listen to the haters. His warming voice reassures us to do what makes us happy alongside a steady groovin’ beat.

‘Forget’ featuring KHIAKIARRA is so golden and reminds me of levitating Kaytranada-type production which allows both JAYDEAN and KHIAKIARRA’s soothing angelic vocals to glisten through the more mellow production much like the morning sunshine. What makes this tune so captivating is how relatable it is as it documents the emotional rollercoaster of life, particularly post-breakup.

Only released this year, ‘Sugar’ is one certified sweet-rush renowned for its flurrying keys, funky bass and candied vocal hues. Far from bland, this tune with Tentendo and Rob Amoruso’s fused production will bring an addictive euphoria to your ears within a matter of minutes.

Don’t miss out on JAYDEAN’s latest movements by following him on Spotify.

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