MAR1ASOL breaks down her new single ‘MAD’

Want that summer feeling to last all year round? MAR1ASOL and Ginga Soul’s ‘MAD’ is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

If you like the sounds of Kehlani, SZA or Mila J then you will most definitely love this seductive tune.

Despite the title, ‘MAD’ has that dreamy, easy-flowing R&B type vibe the is just perfect for those long summer days near the pool.

There is something special about Maria and Ginga, as they combine their honeyed vocals to create something new in the contemporary soul scene.

Growing up, Maria was actually painfully shy and rarely spoke to anyone, it was music and songwriting where she found her solace.

She penned her first song, ‘Till It’s Over’ at the age of 19 which was well-received, the production elements were crafted by her husband and musical collaborator, Lucas Finocchi.

Her first official album, ‘Beats and Donuts’ was pleasantly received by many and even the single, ‘Ladies’ nabbed much acclaim across her various blogs, radio stations and magazines.

There’s no stopping for this gal, she’s already prepping up a new album with timeless catchy vibes that will be sure to make heads turn.

We sat down with MAR1ASOL to uncover more about the origins of the single.

First off, how did ‘MAD’ come about?

It actually started from a bad day (laughs). I was going through a day where I didn’t feel like myself, uncomfortable with the image I was showing to people of me and I was ready to speak my truth. So I talked to my husband (who produced the whole song) and we agreed that we needed to work on more genuine music, with a strong message and telling people about I’m feeling about the industry right now.

He started the beat and from that moment it was the perfect beat for the vibe I needed to bring.

What is ‘MAD’ about?

It’s about how art can convert a stressful moment and how you can push yourself into perfection but feeling empty on the inside. So I was like, what’s the point of trying to be ‘perfect’ if you feel alone and the importance of making music that makes me happy and not just for stats and ratings.

It’s a personal song, not everyone thinks the same as me but I think a lot of artists feel this way and I wanted to talk about it.

How did you first get into songwriting?

I was desperate to find my own sound. I’m an alto singer and it’s difficult for me identify with other artists and groups due to my voice and music style. So I started writing my vision, I love writing more than singing, it’s really important to me.

What was it like working alongside Ginga Soul?

It was challenging the first time because I’m from Buenos Aires and she lives in Orlando which is like miles away! But she was so nice and she helped me with everything, so it was more easier than I though because connected. I admire her voce and how she writes too, so it was amazing for me to make it happen.

How did you know ‘MAD’ would be a hit?

Omg I never thought about it lol thank you!! It was so crazy since the release, I can’t believe how people took this song as a strong message for everyone, not just artists. Giving me the space to show my art makes me feel so blessed!

Can you reveal anything we can expect from your new upcoming album?

It’s something you won’t expect from me (laughs). I’m always bringing back 90s and 00s sounds but every song is different, showing different aspects of my life and my family included in every song. Like with ‘MAD’, the bassist player is my dad, so it’s more personal to me, I feel naked when I hear every song (laughs).

What was the inspiration behind the lush sound?

I like lush music (laughs) I love when songs give you vibes and make you feel like you’re in a certain place or moment. When I feel that the song I’m writing, I will think about dropping it and even will imagine the visuals I’ll put with the songs. When people appreciate the work we put into it, I feel like they’re feeling the same way as me when I was writing it.

What were the biggest lessons you learnt creating the tune?

That’s a good question, I’ve actually never thought about it! But I guess I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions. I was a little bit concerned about how people would take it because I hadn’t heard a song talking about those topics in a while. But I learnt that people appreciate honesty and real artists and the more I’m being myself, the more I can create messages that others can connect to.

Describe ‘MAD’ in three words.

Politically incorrect, but I’d say Bad Bitches Only (laughs), I’m kidding! I’d say raw, personal and soulful.

Wrapping things up, any exciting future plans you can reveal?

I’m working on a lot of exciting projects and I really can’t wait or ya’ll to hear it! This year my plan is to work on an EP and a new album, so there will be more features, more music and more good vibes! Definitely, the album will come out but I have more surprises before that so stay tuned!

Don’t wait any longer, go blast ‘MAD’ on ya stereos HERE.

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