Who Am I Listening To: Nayana Iz

We’ve got all the sugar, spice and everything nice this week, get ready to be blessed by the talents of Nayana Iz.

Rest assured, you will be far from bored when you press play on a some of the Nayana Iz tunes we have in store at the bottom of this juicy article.

Raised in North London and born in India, Nayana (which means beautiful eyes in Hindi) always dreamt of living in her motherland and still plans to relocate in the future.

Music has always been apart of her evolution, she was only just five years old when she began penning her own songs.

From playing jazz to joining an indie-pop group before finally settling for a more hip hop flavour, Nayana’s sound is far-reaching.

From an early age, her musical taste has always been expansive which you tend to hear across her innovative sound palette.

Blending many of her cultural experiences and influences she lived growing up into her music has allowed her to develop a sound that is fully representative of who she is.

‘How We Do’ was produced by Karma-Kid and is one tune that really stands out for its lively, eccentric pace.

This song merges elements of up-tempo London rap with percussive Indian flavours which together creates the perfect confidence boost.

“It’s a warning to my enemies that I’m on my way, I’ve got my sword of truth with me,” Nayana said.

Without further or do, here are ya gal’s top picks.


‘How We Do’


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