Top Picks from Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Heaux Tales’

“I wrote ‘Heaux Tales’ to give a voice to every woman.”

If there’s one album ya gal is seriously admiring heading into 2021, it’s Jasmine Sullivan’s ‘Heaux Tales’.

Following a six year hiatus, ‘Heaux Tales’ was only just freshly released a couple of weeks ago as Sullivan’s latest “concept album” and will give you bold confidence heading into the new year.

“It’s about woman deciding how she wants to present herself to the world and not being told or influenced by anyone but her gotdamn self.

“It’s about women writing their own imperfect stories, unashamed,” Sullivan said.

There are so many divine rich layers to this body of work, recorded in Sullivan’s Philadelphia residence, as she brings the current female experience to life.

The six intimate interludes intricately woven into the record brings the beautiful complexities of the female experience to light through the eyes of many, particularly pinning the focus on the patriarchal good girl/bad girl dichotomy.

If you listen carefully, each of the deeply personal interludes gives thought-provoking insights from various perspectives on feminism, sexuality, classism and body-shaming.

For Sullivan, the album is just as much about the ‘hoe’ stereotype as it is about those who both benefit and are harmed by the notion.

In essence, ‘Heaux Tales’ is an album many of us can relate to as it does more than shed a light on the multitudes that exist within a single woman but actually paints a picture of a woman simply doing the best she can in a world that would prefer otherwise.

So what are ya gal’s top picks? Check ’em out below.

‘On It’ featuring Ari Lennox

‘Price Tags’ featuring Anderson .Paak

‘Girl Like Me’ featuring H.E.R.

Those three tunes not enough? Go grab the full ‘Heaux Tales’ album HERE.

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