Throwin’ it back with Mila J’s ‘213’ EP

Let’s take y’all back to 2016 when R&B powerhouse Mila J dropped her sizzlin’ second EP, ‘213’.

For those not already familiar, this EP was two years in the making and pays homage to her hometown area code and her admirable loyalty for her home and Californian roots.

Although this EP was primarily crafted as a teaser for the preceding album, it’s short and sweet nature is what makes it all the more attractive and everlasting.

Get ready for Mila’s ultra-smooth cover of Sade’s iconic tune, ‘The Sweetest Taboo’.

For those not accustomed to the intricacies of each of the six breathtaking tunes within, all is revealed below.

‘Oohwee’ is simply put, a tune about being in love with someone you have a strong connection with but also ruminates on the doubts that often circulate our minds when we are ‘falling’ for that someone. This is echoed sonically with the bold, unapologetic beat fused with a fittingly crafted backing vocals which reflect the soul of the song.

Mila repeatedly sings out ‘Oohwee’ which almost sounds like she’s saying ‘who are we?’, which is almost like her questioning the current relationship she’s in.

One of the most memorable tunes from the collection, ‘Kickin’ Back’ stands out with its killer ascension and top vibe as Mila sings “I’m in airplane mode, I don’t need no drama”.

You may already be familiar with the sound of ‘Kickin’ Back’ which was released as part of Mila’s mixtape, ‘The Waiting Game’. In fact if you listen carefully you will hear hints of Kool & The Gang’s, ‘Summer Madness’.

“Halfway through making ‘Kickin’ Back’, I was calling my team like y’all gotta come over and hear this, this on is bomb,” Mila told Vogue.

From the moment you press play on ‘Next Up’ you’ll be instantly be taken back to Chris Brown’s single, ‘Liquor’ with Mila singing, “there must be something in this liquor, I’ve never seen it anymore clearer”.

However, Mila’s vision isn’t getting thicker rather it’s actually getting clearer which is reflected sonically though the swirling ‘glassy’ harp which descends amongst the more grounding beat.

Let’s be honest, ‘The Sweetest Taboo’ doesn’t really need much of an explanation.

‘Me & You’ actually dropped on Valentines Day back in 2014. This is an intimate wavy R&B tune that will instantly make you forget all your worries as Mila relays the real love she has for her significant other.

You’ll instantly adore Mila’s seamless flow over the rolling tropical beat, so add this tune to your ultimate Friday afternoon chill playlist (you’ll thank me later)!

‘Friend Zone’ is quite a sexy tune that will instantly get you in the mood. There’s plenty of space embedded within the tune so you can really hear every sonic nuance complimented by Mila’s sultry, raspy vocals.

Here it is, go blast Mila’s ‘213’ EP on repeat right HERE.

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