One-On-One with Lou Phelps

Are you ready to spice up your weekend? It’s Friday and you’re about to be introduced to one of Canada’s finest young club rap purveyors in the game, Lou Phelps.

Louis Phillipe Celestin, better known by his stage name of Lou Phelps, is a Haitian-Canadian rapper and producer fresh out of Saint-Hubert in Quebec.

Phelps’ passion for music began with creating beats in his basement with brother, Louis Kevin Celestin, better known as Kaytranada.

“As a kid I grew up in a musical family, from 10 years old int he basement, Kay and I would look for instrumentals and freestyle gibberish over the over them to imitate rappers we looked up to, it eventually got more and more serious and here we are,” Phelps said.

Growing up, Phelps biggest influences included the likes of Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, Madvillian and 50 Cent to name just a few.

In the early stages of his career, Phelps was a member of Canadian hip hop duo, The Celestic’s alongside his brother Kaytranada.

The Celestic’s was one of the more pivotal projects of his earlier career, particularly the release of their debut project, ‘Massive Massive’ (2011).

Working alongside Kay is like working with another producer for Phelps.

“To me, working with Kay is like working with another producer.

“The thing about Kay and I is that we have chemistry, I know that he wants to hear on his beats and he knows the type of beats I want so it fits perfectly,” Phelps said.

In 2017, Phelps dropped his debut project titled, ‘001:Experiments’ which featured plenty of guest appearances from Bishop Nerf, Innanet James and KALLITECHNIS.

In fact, ‘001:Experiments’ attained millions of plays on SoundCloud and eventually earned a nomination from Canada’s JUNO Awards for Rap Recording of the Year.

The following year Phelps released his sophomore album, ‘002/LOVE ME’ was described as a more introspective wholesome record that seeks to go beyond being just an album.

“This was an album dedicated to my first true love, it starts off smooth and ends hard.

“It’s about the journey of a young adult experiencing love for the first time,” he said.

For those not already accustomed to the album, get ready to be blown away by some epic appearances from BADBADNOTGOOD, JAHKOY, Planet Giza, Pony and even drum master, Karriem Riggins.

Don’t worry if your a first-time listener, we even asked Phelps where the best place would be to listen to the album in full.

“I would say honestly listen to it while you’re sipping wine or whatever with the friends or something, at a pre-drink party before going out or something in that realm,” Phelps said.

Ultimately, Phelps hopes listeners will see the evolution and growth from ‘Extra Extra!’ to ‘002/Love Me’.

“I hope they can see the evolution between ‘Extra Extra!’ and ‘002/Love Me’ and I want them to enjoy something not many artists are doing,” he said.

Ya gal has picked her top four tunes from ‘002/Love Me’ and even got Lou to personally break down each one a sentence, so let’s get it.

‘Come Inside’ featuring Jazz Cartier

“It’s about meeting an exotic dancer and trying to make her mine.”

‘Must Be’

“You know when you feel you’re in the zone. Well, that is what must be is about. The inspiration for it was imaging myself at a party and getting ready to kill the dance floor.”


“It’s that typical early 2000s Busta Rhymes type of song, it’s to make these dancers move!”

‘Tasty’ featuring Pony

“Is me attempting to incarnate a 1980s pimp, I was inspire by slum village for this one.”

What are you waiting for,get your copy of ‘002/Love Me’ right now ready for the weekend HERE.

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