New On The Block: Cortece

If you’re Spotify playlist is currently filled to the brim with the sounds of Summer Walker and Victoria Monet then, trust me, you will adore the sounds of Cortece.

Already securing over 2000 monthly Spotify listeners which are only set to grow exponentially over the next few years, Cortece is definitely one to watch.

Fresh from the Atlanta scene, Cortece’s work is primarily crafted to give her listeners the full version of herself, combining self-retrospective with the appreciation garnered from those surrounding.

Her pleasant sound puts a modern twist on 90s and early 2000s R&B and pop all while remaining true to herself.

The release of her initial EP, ‘Quick Fix’ delivered a modernised nostalgic sound reflecting her vulnerability and softness as a growing artist.

Her second EP, ‘Chasing Good Energy’ (2019) was a step up and really tapped into more of her range and expertise, particularly her thoughtful songwriting.

What makes Cortece so exciting and addictive to watch is the fact and the complex emotions that roll with it, which is what makes her music so fitting for today’s generation and the many more to come.

We finally here fam, let ya gal share her top five Cortece tunes.

‘Better Tomorrow’s’

‘Not Around’


‘Fade Away’

‘Due To Corona’

Want more? If you’re diggin’ Cortece’s sound, go grab a copy of her record, ‘Chasing Good Energy’ HERE.

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