All You Need To Know About Drake’s ‘Scary Hours 2’

Let’s just say there’s nothing normal about Drake’s ‘Scary Hours 2’, in fact it’s set to change the way you listen to music in 2021.

‘Scary Hours 2’ is comprised of three bar-heavy tunes all carefully placed to make a serious impact, while detailing the unrelenting demands that come with being one of this generation’s most influential artists.

Marking the sequel to Drizzy’s 2018 two-track EP, ‘Scorpion’, this record offers something a whole lot different to what we are used to and once again marks new territory for the year ahead.

Let’s not wait any longer and delve into what each of these neoteric tracks are all about.

The lead single, ‘What’s Next’ pretty much sums up Drizzy’s current position as one of the biggest kings in the business. This is a tune where he is free to unapologetically boast about the success he has endured in his tumultuous career. However, the most memorably lyrics seem to express a tone of urgency, as Drizzy sings, ‘Summer all I did was rest okay? And New Years, all I did was stretch, okay? And Valentine’s Day, I had sex, okay? We’ll see what’s about to happen next okay?”

From these lyrics, Drizzy keeps it real by expressing how having this position in the industry also comes with a unyielding pressure to continuously evolve and deliver game-changing number one hits.

Is there such thing as balance? ‘Wants and Needs’ is where Drizzy and Lil Baby ruminate on the aspects of life involved in balancing what is wanted versus what is actually needed. From women, money to inner circles and more, both rappers end up confirming their need to balance these passions in their life. But Drizzy also urges his listeners to “leave me out the comments, leave me out the nonsense”.

Finally, ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’ is one of your gal’s personal favourites. Featuring Rick Ross, you can just tell from the moment you hear the beat this track has Drake written all over it. In short, this tune sees Drake and Ross raving about what their lavish lifestyles entail, however Drizzy laments how, “these days fame is disconnected from excellence”. You can even hear a reference to Drake’s son, Adonis Graham.

But what really makes this tune all the more delicious is how the ingenious title was actually dedicated to Rick Ross’ affinity for lemon pepper wings, now where can we get some?!

Don’t be the last one to listen to ‘Scary Hours 2’, grab yours HERE.

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