Who Am I Listening To: Wesley Black’s ‘OUTLAW!’

“In dark times, I tend to doubt myself and my own potential, but sometimes this leads to me coming back stronger and better than ever. I felt my drive and motivation increase and I suddenly related really heavily to the powerful character in my story.”

Have you seen Wesley Black’s latest music video for his signature new tune, ‘OUTLAW!’? If not, it’s about time you pressed play on the video above.

Already nabbing just over 13 thousand plays on Spotify alone, ‘OUTLAW!’ is making some serious waves, capturing the attention of Triple J, Dave Ruby Howe and The Aston Shuffle.

For Black, ‘OUTLAW!’ is really the next step in his formidable artistry.

“‘OUTLAW!’ is about having tunnel vision and drive to become the best I can possibly be.

“As the precursor, I feel that ‘RED!’ established the hyper-aggressive and raging side of Wesley Black and goes in depth with my greatest desires, whereas ‘OUTLAW!’ is about the next step,” Black said.

As the title suggests, Black describes himself as the ‘outlaw’ as he embraces all of his best elements and utilises them to shape his success as an artist.

On the other hand, the accompanying video was actually based on a few short film ideas.

“The villainous tea party scenes, the masked cowboy and the glowing red room were all visions I had for this short story, but as I began to relate harder, I redeveloped these ideas and worked them into a storyline for the Wesley Black persona,” he said.

So if you’re down for some intense beats, dynamism and high voltage vocals then go plug into Wesley Black’s ‘OUTLAW!’ HERE.

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