New On The Block: Maina Doe

Are you addicted to the sweet, glorious sounds of Andre 3000 and Frank Ocean? Then it’s about time you added Maina Doe to your playlist.

If Maina Doe doesn’t already ring a bell, get ready to be mesmerised by one authentic fusion of old-school, carefree tropical sounds fused alongside a handful of Somalian, Indonesian and Australian heritage.

Following four years of writing, collaborating and performing across Sydney’s local music scene, Doe puts a twist on the multidimensional yet conventional R&B we often hear blasting on the radio.

There’s nothing blasé about Doe, her sound fuses a bit of everything with elements of jazz, soul, 90s R&B, neo-soul and electronica.

That’s not all, her vocal delivery is clever but undeniably honest.

There’s one tune that lingers in ya gal’s memory is ‘Delusion’.

‘Delusion’ unpacks how our perceptions of ambition, imagination and delusion are often the keys in unlocking our full creative potential.

Throughout the tune you can hear Doe express how imperative it is to find a balance between the two, expressing how a bit of delusion can actually be quite useful in being the vehicle to drive you closer to pushing you closer to pushing boundaries in order to get to where you want to be.

‘Delusion’ kind of came off a period of time where I genuinely thought I was batshit crazy for wanting to pursue music and quit uni and basically wanting all these ridiculous things for myself.

“And then I realised that the more I embraced the part of myself that does think outside the box and does use my imagination, you know, and just has that bit of crazy delusion, that’s the part of myself that is actually able to live and create a life that I want,” she told Life Without Andy.

Let’s get straight into it, here are ya gal’s top three Maina tunes just in time to top up ya playlists for autumn.

‘Unwritten Laws’ featuring Genesis Owusu



Before you leave, don’t forget to stay up to date with all of Maina Doe’s latest releases as soon as they drop HERE.

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