Who Am I Listening To: Jarrod Jeremiah’s ‘Japanese Morning’

As summer draws to a close Jarrod Jeremiah’s ‘Japanese Morning’ will ensure that summer sparkle lasts well into those cooler months ahead.

Perth-based producer and singer-songwriter, Jarrod Jeremiah is a musician of many talents.

If you’ve already heard of Jeremiah’s tunes then you will already be familiar with the blend of drums, piano, guitar, bass, marimba, vibraphone and timpani which tend to fill his unique soundscape.

His latest single, ‘Japanese Morning’ has been under wraps for over three months, proving to be the ultimate testament to his impeccable work ethic.

One of his favourite tunes to date, the shimmering instrumentation woven throughout moulds the perfect backdrop for his soaring vocals.

‘Japanese Morning’ articulates a miscommunication between two people and the frustration of unpredictability.

What’s even more crazy about this tune is that it was crafted in his bedroom studio and was entirely produced, written and sung by Jeremiah himself.

“I even mixed on a pair of Hi-fi speakers I found in my garage.

“It’s very much a DIY project that developed into a fun unusual pop track,” he said.

Now amassing over 58,000 TikTok followers worldwide, let’s just say ya gal closely watching Jeremiah’s movements into 2021.

If you want to experience a sound filled to the brim of bedroom pop with a tinge of electronic tinge, then go grab your very own copy of Jarrod Jeremiah’s ‘Japanese Morning’ HERE.

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