New On The Block: Mulay

“I translate raw, real and often complicated emotion into art in as many dimensions as possible; film, music and live performance.”

Berlin-based alternative R&B artist, Malay creates music that takes people on a journey through the depths of her mind while in turn allowing listeners to reflect upon themselves.

Malay has a sound that strives to stand the test of time, sourcing inspiration from the likes of FKA Twigs and Sza.

Starting singing lessons from the age of five, most of her early years spent looking up to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige.

There’s something that really stands out when you hear Malay for the first time.

Her textured sound is fused with a spoonful of vivid yet emotive lyricism which spans across a kaleidoscope of genres within the musical spectrum.

One of ya gal’s favourite tunes is ‘Shame’, which if you listen carefully is all about empowering us to open up our inner conversations.

When you break it down, in its essence the tune is about understanding there’s nothing to gain from being too hard on ourselves and the need for us to better accept the complexities and flaws of our own humanity.

So if you want a tune that will open up your mind and empower you in those times when you’re feeling insecure, then press play on ‘Shame’.

Check out the epic accompanying music video below for all that girl power goodness.

Also, don’t leave this page without pressing play on Mulay’s delightful live acoustic performance of ‘PHEONIX’.

This is only just the beginning, go check out more of her mesmerising sounds on Spotify HERE.

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