New On The Block: Foushee

If you’re seriously bored of what’s blastin’ on the radio nowadays? Foushee is the ultimate refreshment you need.

From earning a spot on Season 15 of The Voice (US) to now paving her own way, Brittany Foushee is rapidly becoming a fierce force to be reckoned with.

Fresh out of Harlem, New York, Foushee grew up around music, with her mother performing in an all-girl reggae band in Jamaica.

But for Foushee, moving to the US was always the dream, in fact she has already performed at the spot Jimmy Hendrix was discovered.

When her mother was badly injured in an unfortunate accident and had to learn to walk again, it was this moment that drove Foushee to pursue her dreams more seriously.

If this is your first time listening to Foushee, ya gal recommends you tune in to her wonderfully diverse EP, ‘Speak Up’.

For Foushee, ‘Speak Up’ represents a milestone of her own self-discovery and finding her voice, after being told for years to ‘speak up’ because she was shy and soft-spoken.

However, this EP is her prime opportunity to take that power back.

Foushee explains her sound as alternative soul.

“Soul can mean a lot of different things when I sing, I sing from my soul.

“And by ‘alternative’, I mean, not your typical type of soul,” she told Idol Chatter.

In short, if you’re down for a contemporary sound that mixes plenty of delicious genres and influences then this is your vibe.

Without further or do, here are ya gal’s top three picks.

‘gold fronts’ featuring Lil Wayne

‘single af’

‘Make It Known’

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect opportunity to jump on over and follow her on Spotify HERE.

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