Daren Sirbough on his new single ‘You’

If you want more contemporary sounds fused with some dramatic classical opera then look no further than Daren Sirbough’s latest single, ‘You’.

Be prepared for a mix of ambient orchestral instrumentation and vocals all creating an ethereal sound that bring into the forefront love, loss and the tragedy of the human condition.

The accompanying music video brings the emotive soundscape to life through the natural beauty and depth that surrounds us.

Ya gal sat down with Daren to break down what ‘You’ is all about and why it’s the perfect addition to your playlist, so let’s get to it.

Tell us a bit about why you created ‘You’?

There was a point in my life a few years back where I had met this girl that ended up being the first girl I think I had ever loved. She became my whole world.

We were together for only a few months but when it ended, my whole world came crashing down. I’ve always wanted to write about that experience for myself and to keep the song as a memory of how I not only felt during our time together but how I felt when it ended.

What’s the meaning behind the tune?

The song speaks of the struggle to find the love that I could once feel from my partner at the time. As well as the lack of hope in being able to ever be the same again after it all.

The line which includes the word ‘messiah’ references a particular time where religion’s answers were insufficient in bringing any clarity or comfort to the pain I was in and the despair in my life not only romantically but mentally as well.

Why was having a visual component so important?

I felt the the sonic texture only half represented what I wanted to convey in the work. I felt the weight in the song but I also felt like I wanted to paint a picture through some form of a visual medium.

Although I had never produced or directed any visual work before, I was pretty set on attempting to do so. The visual component also reaffirms the themes brought up in the song. Themes mentioned before like love, loss and the difficulty of moving on when in despair.

Explain why you chose to shoot in the locations that you did?

The most meaningful location to me was the scene overlooking the cliff where you realise that the female protagonist is merely a figment of his imagination and that she is not really there.

The cliff scene is a recreation of a place that I used to visit during my times as I battled depression. The bedroom, living room and outdoor scenes convey the sense of this relationship being played out in regular everyday life and bring context to the cliff scenes later on.

What was the filming process like?

The whole process took three days to shoot. I had a lot of fun with the entire crew over those three days. It was scary but exciting. I’ve acted in commercials before but nothing like this.

Luckily Ellie (female actor) was really easy to work with on set and the rest of the crew were fun and light-hearted. It definitely makes a difference. I learned a lot in that process and cannot wait to implement all that I learned into my next projects.

Why did you choose to have such a strong orchestral build up in the tune?

I think for me it just felt right. It was just the way the song felt while I was writing it. I was listening to a lot of Hans Zimmer and Ludivico Einaudi so I’m guessing their influences crept in. I couldn’t imagine it being done with any other instrumentation.

Finally, what three words best describe ‘You’?

Love, Loss, Despair.

Go get your very own copy of Daren Sirbough’s ‘You’ HERE.

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