All You Need To Know: YourBoyMars ‘All-Star’ featuring Shadow

Rapidly emerging from the most isolated city in the world, Yourboymars latest motivational track, ‘All-Star’ featuring Shadow brings a whole new level to Australia’s evolving hip hop scene.

At just 19 years old, Yourboymars is on the path to take over Australia’s hip hop arena, ushering a new generation of sound with his seamless mix of afro-beats, trap, soul and R&B.

‘All-Star’ features one of Australia’s biggest household hip hop names, Shadow and delves into themes of sport, self-growth and brotherhood.

What really makes this tune particularly protrusive is the fusion of Yourboymars and Shadow’s impeccable artistry and hunger to excel not just on the track but in the industry more broadly.

Yourboymars’ more catchy, melodic style juxtaposed by Shadow’s heavy-hitting bars elevates this into an iconic Australian hit highlighting both sides of the contemporary hip hop climate.

“I was inspired to make this track when watching a video of J.Cole’s progress in his career.

“He was an artist who was hungry but humble for what he wanted and still maintained his humbleness even throughout success,” Yourboymars said.

For those not already acclimatised, Yourboymars is a singer-songwriter, rapper and producer known for his ability to amalgamate his adoration for his culture into his contemporary music.

His first three singles have already garnered over 280,000 streams on Spotify alone, so you’d be crazy not to give ‘All-Star’ a listen.

That’s not all, there’s even a music video set to drop in the future.

Don’t wait any longer, now is the perfect time to nab a copy of ‘All-Star’ right HERE.

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