Kinder Bring The Heat With ‘Bus Stop’

Forget your morning coffee, Kinder have just dropped a spice new banger, ‘Bus Stop’ which is guaranteed to keep you bouncing all day long.

Following the release of their dance floor anthem ‘Come Along’ last year, respected Ghanian-Australian singer, songwriter and producer sibling duo Kinder are back with ‘Bus Stop’.

Paying homage to Savannah and Briony’s father, the tune tells a tale of a fictional character who can’t get off ‘African Time’, a term the duo and their mother shared to describe his creative interpretation of timing.

The sweet, rousing nature of this tune just instantly reassures you that it’s ok to forge your own path at your own speed, which is exactly what we all need to hear.

Since last year, the duo have really began to solidify their electric presence as Australia’s most celebrated homegrown stars, from supporting Rita Ora at Nova’s Red Room last month to performing at Wine Machine Festival and now starring in a national campaign for Myer.

At it’s core there’s something about this tune that hits right at the heart of everything the gals stand for, which is to bring their listeners joy, make then dance, smile and forget their troubles, even if only for a minute.

Ya gal took a minute to break down all the deets on ‘Bus Stop’ with the gals, check it all out below.

Hi gals, nice to speak again, how’s it all going?

Hey!! We are going well! We’re really pumped to be releasing music again!

Tell us how ‘Bus Stop’ came about?

So, it started off with Savannah coming up with the chorus, melody and lyrics.

The lyric, “how come when I pull up to the bus stop, wheels keep turning, turning and he gone away”, they were initially just scratch lyrics but this idea reminded us of the running joke we have about our father always being late. This then inspired us to continue with this narrative, however once we kept writing, it evolved to have a few different meanings.

We created a rough beat to accompany the melodies and then Briony started chanting the oh’s in the mic over the top of what we already had created. From this point, we realised we had a song we really loved.

What can listeners expect?

It’s much darker than any of our previous releases. We’ve still kept the uplifting melodic vocals but the undertones in the production are quite dark and bass heavy.

What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered when creating the tune?

The biggest challenge we found was keeping the production raw and gritty rather than too polished and bright. It was hard to find the balance without losing the energy of the overall song.

It took many months to get the sound to exactly how we wanted it, we are very picky.

What was it like supporting Rita Ora at Nova’s Red Room a month ago?

Very nerve wracking haha… but so much fun. We learnt so much from the experience.

We had never done a show like that before, so it was an amazing turning point in our journey because it was the first where we focused purely on singing rather than djing.

Rita was so lovely though and all of our team were there to support us so it was a great night.

Can you reveal what we can expect from the upcoming accompanying music video next week?

Lots of latex (laughs).

What excites you most about performing ‘Bus Stop’ live in the coming months?

We’re keen to see how people react to the drop. We tend to go hard at our DJ sets, especially our late nigh shows so we’re excited to see how this one slots in.

What do you hope people will take away from your new single?

There is a section in the chorus we both really love and we hope that the lyrics in this part, “gotta find my way, I ain’t got no shame”, resonate and empower people to do their thing, the way they want without judgement!

Take your weekend to the next level with all that Kinder ‘Bus Stop’ goodness HERE.

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