New On The Block: Bellah

Have you ever just heard one of those voices that just stops time? Then you better be prepared for Bellah.

Paving the way for the next wave of UK R&B, Bellah is pretty much the UK’s answer to Summer Walker, Kehlani or even Sza.

The North-London singer-songwriter is best remembered for her soulful yet candid tunes, often treating her words like the inner workings of a rather intimate diary.

There’s something about the dominance of her killer hooks intertwined with her more personal songwriting makes your just want to vibe out with her sound anytime of the day.

Her British-Nigerian heritage brings an undeniable Afro flavour to the unfiltered R&B penetrating her sound, which is one that is already being praised by the likes of Complex and BBC Radio1Xtra.

Growing up doing musical theatre, it was from here where she developed her love for music and the arts.

Most of her childhood was spent listening to and admiring the sounds of Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Destiny’s Child, Luther Vandross, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo.

Realising she could potentially make this a proper career, she started writing and crafting her own music at 17 and has been doing it ever since.

Without further or do, here are ya gal’s top three Bellah tunes to add to your playlist today.



‘Never Loved’

Want some more? Go peep Bellah’s Spotify goodness HERE.

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