Adam Ricci Breaks Down His New Single ‘Signorina’

After a quiet few months, Adam Ricci is back and ready to kick start your weekend with fresh new single, ‘Signorina’.

Inspired by the idea of a classy yet independently attractive girl, the classically trained guitarist, singer and producer has created something that is intricately unique.

What makes ‘Signorina’ so impressive is not just the classical guitar duet midway through but also the fact that the entire track was produced and recorded in Ricci’s very own bedroom.

In short, what excites ya gal the most about this tune, is that it’s really only the start of what’s to come in the future for Ricci.

Take a peek at Adam’s break down of ‘Signorina’ below.

Can you tell us a bit about what the tune is about?

‘Signorina’ is about a girl, who is both independent and dependant at the same time for different reasons. It’s about that feeling when you first meet a girl and start to feel something, but aren’t completely sure. That chess game, where you’re trying to understand certain moves she makes while having to make some calculated or even impulsive moves yourself.

What inspired you to create this tune?

I wasn’t necessarily directly inspired by anything to create the track. I just get into creative mode sometimes and whatever I’m thinking just comes out into a song.

How would you describe the sound of this tune?

To be honest I really feel in my bag with these guitar beats. I have played classical guitar now for around 11-12 years, and it’s something that I can use to create my own unique and totally personalised sound. It’s a complex classical guitar melody, layered with trap drums and R&B melodically and rhythmically driven vocals.

Describe the creative process of this tune – how did you create it?

I just get patches of creativity sometimes. I just grabbed my guitar and started playing a melody, and knew strait away “damn, this is crazy”. I knew it straight away, so I had to put the drums on it. Then I just blast the loop for like 5 minutes, walking around my room with my phone in my hand, voice recording ideas. Then it was done. I let the beat inspire me. Whatever the beat makes me feel is what I’ll record, writing the whole song line by line as I record it.

To be completely honest, I initially had only one verse, and the song was perfectly fine, but I really wanted to make a statement. It didn’t even need a second verse. I got so hyped, thinking “no one has ever produced and recorded their own track, then composed their own classical guitar duet in the middle of it, so I did it.

Finally, any exciting plans you can reveal coming up?

My plan is to release a lot more music… stay listening.

Start your weekend right and grab your copy of Adam Ricci’s ‘Signorina’ HERE.

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