Olivia Escuyos On Her New Single ‘Got Me (Feelin’ Like)’

One of Australia’s best kept secrets is back with the finest blend of soulful R&B, it’s about time you said hello to Olivia Escuyos’, ‘Got Me (Feelin’ Like)’.

After working hard to establish her sound through writing, producing and fine tuning her upcoming EP, now is her moment to showcase just a brief taste of what’s to come.

Her haven has been the new Hidden Sun Studios in good ol’ Melbourne, where she has been able to completely reinvigorate her sound.

This period of creation has seen the evolution of the melodically soulful, ‘Got Me (Feelin’ Like)’ that embodies the warmth of a meaningful relationship.

Surpassing 90k subscribers on her YouTube channel and attaining over 24 million plays across all media, the future is bright for Escuyos.

This release is the perfect start to showcase the new wave for R&B, so we sat down with Escuyos to break it down into detail for y’all.

Hi Olivia, how’s it all going at the moment?

Hey!! Everything is pretty crazy in my life right now but the good kind which I’m thankful for (laughs) but there are also a lot of excited things are in the works right now.

Tell us a bit about how you came up with ‘Got Me (Feelin’ Like)?

The team at Hidden Sun had all of our friends come through one night to the studio for a jam session and we ended up making this beat amongst five or so others.

We had Nico who plays bass actually start off with the idea for this record and then people including R.L KING, Rini and Isiah Wayve took turns to lay down what they had in mind. I immediately claimed the beat because I had this cool melodic ‘ooo’ idea that I wanted to layer at the start. That ended up being the entire theme of the song!!

I quickly wrote my verses, structured out the song and everyone just stayed and watched it all happen. The vibe in that room was incredible!!

Can you break down what the new tune is all about?

The storyline for this song is basically confessing how you feel about a person that might not be yours yet and giving them your reasons as to why they should get with you. Definitely one for cuffing season, so put this song on if you’re trying to claim your bae (laughs)! 

What makes this tune different to some of your others?

The sound direction for this record has been built closely to what I envision my current sound to be and has also allowed me to go deeper into my vocal production work.

What was one of the biggest lessons you learnt crafting this particular tune?

A lesson I learnt from this record is to really understand that working on your inner self and everything you do outside of creating really affects the outcome of your creations. I felt that this record was organic in the way it all came together and a huge part of that really came from trusting myself and not trying to disrupt my creative flow by overthinking. 

How would you describe ‘Got Me (Feelin’ Like) in three words?

Sensual. Warm. Chill. 

Finally, any exciting plans coming up that you can reveal?

Working on some new projects that will definitely be released this year… so stay tuned in for it!!! 

What are you waiting for?! Go grab your delicious copy of ‘Got Me (Feelin’ Like)’ HERE.

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