New On The Block: Kedus

In need for some Frank Ocean vibes?

It sure has been a while so It’s highly recommended you take a couple of minutes out of your day to jam out to Kedus.

A first-generation Ethiopian born and raised in Australia, Kedus’ music reaches a whole new level of depth.

When you listen to his sound just be prepared to experience a range of layered elements of soul, jazz, hip hop, dancehall and indie.

Finding his love for writing at just 11 years old, Kedus immediately began working on way to make his dreams a reality, from the ground up he built his own home studio by age 15.

Since then, he has been behind an impressive catalogue of work which includes 5 mixtapes and an EP.

His most recent tune, ‘Sunset Dream’ is layered with silky smooth acoustics, bouncy percussion and gliding melodies all fused with his soft voice which just travels for miles.

So, what can I expect when listening to ‘Sunset Dream’? Go check Kedus give us the down low on his latest soulful tune.

First off, how did you get into music?

I was always drawn to music and I would sing all the time as a kid, doing talent shows and YouTube videos, but I started making music when my friend Sebastian showed me I could use a laptop to create music. I then went on YouTube and found every resource I could to find out how to make the music and what I needed.

What sort of music did you listen to growing up and how do you think this has influenced your sound today?

My parents used to love Michael Jackson and James Brown so I grew up listening to a lot of soul and r&b but they also played Ethiopian music and it had such a bouncy rhythm. They also would play ethio-jazz in their restaurant, and we would see Mulatu Astatke when he came to Brisbane.

When I grew a little older I then moved into the music I liked, like Drake, Miguel, Partynextdoor, Chris Brown, J. Cole, and many more. I feel like all the music I’ve listened to and connected with has played a part in my music, in the way I lay melodies and write, as well as my beat selection.

Tell us a bit about how ‘Sunset Dream’ came about?

As soon as I heard the beat I connected with it and put it into Logic Pro X and recorded a freestyle which ended up being the pre-chorus. From there the rest of the track was easier to write and curate.

What is ‘Sunset Dream’ about?

The song is about being in a situation with a girl where you see what could be. That feeling of seeing what could be is described by the phrase, ‘Sunset Dream’.

How would you describe the tune in three words?

Bouncy, Hopeful, and Dreamy.

For someone who is about to listen to ‘Sunset Dream’ for the first time, where would you tell them to listen to the tune?

I think you can listen to it anywhere but if you close your eyes, the song can take you where you want to be. But if I had a favourite, I would say by the beach overlooking a beautiful sunset of pink, yellow and orange.

What was the inspiration behind the music video?

John, Manny and I were just chillin listening to the track and we brainstormed what we saw when we listened, so I’d say it came from the song. For example, when I say ‘damn you love games’, that’s where John came up with the game theme.

What has been your biggest challenge so far as an upcoming artist?

I think just trying to listen to my intuition and finding the right time to make moves. Also adapting to new environments.

Who would be your ultimate dream collaboration?

I think Drake like a crew love type of collaboration.

Finally, anything exciting we should keep an eye out for in the coming months? 

Yeah, I’ve got a lot of music coming, including an EP so I hope ya’ll are ready to take that journey with me J

Don’t leave without peeping at Kedus’ SoundCloud HERE.

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