Top Picks from Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’

Taking on a pop-infused kaleidoscope of sound, Doja Cat’s third studio album ‘Planet Her’ seamlessly articulates the divine yet diverse feminine experience.

There’s no stopping Doja on this electric album jam-packed with some sweet features from the likes of Young Thug, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, JID, Sza and drum roll… Eve.

So, what can you expect from Doja’s latest action-packed album you may be asking?

Get ready for a good ol’ mix of some euphoric Afropop, reggaeton coupled with colourful sprinkles of hyperpop and even some slick trap elements.

The more you listen the greater you’ll start to hear a greater deal of R&B ballads and club bangers ensuring that this body of work really encapsulates many contemporary sounds, like a box of chocolates there’s guaranteed to be something in there for everyone.

But for Doja, blending popular and counterculture is second nature as she purposefully brings a high voltage performance with some slick rap verses in contrast with some sweet, juicy melodies allowing her to take on different personas in one song so harmoniously.

Let’s get to it, here are ya gal’s top six tunes from the album because let’s be real it was virtually impossible to pick five.

Right from the opening, ‘Woman’ just instantly sets the scene of what this album is all about. There’s something so sublime about this tune, an afrobeats ode to the ‘divine feminine’, in which Doja delves into the fluidity of the female existence in our current society. In short, this one just radiates positivity and appreciates all of the capabilities and struggles we often have to endure due to gender.

Well, let’s just say it’s kinda obvious why ya gal was instantly obsessed with ‘Get It Into (Yuh)’, described as one of the most hip-hop leaning tunes on the entirety of the album. There’s something about this tune that just reminds you of that signature Playboi Carti sound, which I think is used quite cleverly.

So if you want to celebrate, then this is ya track as Doja celebrates her journey so far and flexes on the endless possibilities yet to come.

‘Need To Know’ is a tune you’re probably already well-acclimatised to, as it was released earlier this year. If this is your first time listening, get ready for those futuristic vibes that will make you feel like your floating on air alongside Doja’s super smooth yet urgent vocals makes for one kick-ass tune that will leave you dreamy for days.

Released as the third single, ‘You Right’ featuring The Weeknd stripped back is actually quite low-key but just demonstrates the powerful vocal artistry of Doja and The Weeknd in elevating the tune to the next level which is evidently why this is such a stand-out.

Fun fact, originally this was meant to be a solo tune but The Weeknd became obsessed and actually took off two of Doja’s verse so he could make the track. Let’s just say that was a good decision.

‘Options’ featuring JID is that tune you play on repeat in the cab on your way to a night out. End of story.

What a surprise it was to see Eve’s name pop up on ‘Tonight’, let’s say it put a smile on ya gal’s dile. From the moment you press play instantly you’re taken back to that old-school Eve type vibe but with a pleasant modern twist.

More notably, the acoustic element of the track which plays throughout definitely makes the tune unlike one we’ve heard Doja take on before, which is why she is so exciting to watch.

Don’t wait any longer, go jump in y’all car and jam out to some of Doja’s glorious new tunes on ‘Planet Her’ HERE.

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