All You Need To Know About Tayah’s ‘Count The Ways’

With all of these gloomy wintery days, do you desperately need an ultimate feel good tune? Tayah embraces a new era with her fresh new single, ‘Count The Ways’.

‘Count The Ways’ is the latest enthralling single release from British R&B and soul songstress Tayah, inspired by the power of a full moon on a summer’s night.

Get ready for this one-of-a-kind dreamy R&B-fuelled track celebrating embracing who you are, living in the present and being comfortable with inviting love into your life.

So why should you play this tune on repeat?

From the moment you press play, a sudden electronic hook brings the energy keeping its balance alongside the more sultry, summery undertones of the tune.

If you close your eyes when listening, get ready to be taken back to those warm, long summer evenings.

Tayah’s feathery vocals just gloriously blend into this progressive tune, backed by an ethereal chorus that instantly leaves you wanting more.

In essence, it’s that combination of Tayah’s classic R&B-inspired vocals alongside the refreshing contemporary melody, twinkling piano notes that make this tune so easy to listen to.

Get ready to feel fun and flirty, as this empowering anthem makes those freezing cold morning drives into work just that extra bit warmer.

Don’t wait any longer, go get Tayah’s ‘Count The Ways’ into ya speakers right HERE.

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