Adam Ricci Serves Up Hot New Single ‘Things I Do’

Things are definitely not slowing down for Perth-based R&B and hip-hop artist, Adam Ricci as he serves up his latest self-produced, mixed and mastered single, ‘Things I Do’.

Ricci’s freshest European flavoured tune sets the bar to a new high as Ricci further cements his unique sound in the Australian music scene.

Throughout the duration of the year, you may have already heard his sound as Ricci has received accreditations for his guitar samples, production and mastering of numerous tunes from renowned Perth artist like Yourboy Mars, Young Pascal, Jarrad Jeremiah and Adam Ricci.

Get ready for Ricci’s signature delicious classical guitar melodies layered by his own vocal samples which will instantly get you groovin’ as you reflect on that one special person you can’t seem to get off your mind.

If you’re a big fan of Tory Lanez, The Kid Laroi or even J.I, then you’ll enjoy the catchy phrases and polished melodies that ‘Things I Do’ has to offer.

So let’s delve into what this epic new tune has to offer with Ricci himself.

Hi Adam, nice to chat again, how’s it been?

This year has been really formative for me. I have really focused on networking and creating behind the scenes, sort of away from the spotlight. I have been producing for other artists, mastering for other artists, even getting a lot of my guitar samples placed in diverse songs coming out of the Perth music scene. Honestly, I feel like I have so much more to say about my own musicality and creative process! Definitely time to start opening up that vault of songs.

So, what can listeners expect when they hear ‘Things I Do’?

I want people to be able to vibe with the track in the same way I did when I made it. People can expect that ‘Adam Ricci’ sound; the classical guitar, smooth melodies. That being said I love pushing boundaries, so who knows what my music will evolve to in the future. I want to make music that I love, and then share it with people, opposed to making music for a particular audience, because that’s when individuality gets lost. 

What was the inspiration behind the single?

The whole writing process of this song was inspired by recording my classical guitar and making the beat first. I actually made the beat on Instagram Live, so shout out to anyone who was there; I actually got a really great reaction from the beat, so I just punched in the first melodies and words that came to my head.

What made you want to release this tune specifically compared to others that you’ve written that you’ve chosen to keep hidden?

I decided to release ‘Things I Do’ over some of the other tracks because it’s following along a sound that I’m beginning to establish. I wanted to really hone in on the classical guitar beat/ melodic style, almost giving people a ‘Signorina’ part two, before I start showing everyone how diverse I can be. I want my music to be a progression of sound, so I can look back and see the chronology of my sound development too.

Who are the top three artists your listening to right now?

I have Pink Sweat$, J.I., and Bazzi on replay right now!

Any exciting plans coming up we should keep an eye out for?

I’m planning on showing my diversity! I want to show people that I’m an artist first and foremost. I’m not confined by genre; I have grown up listening to many different genres and have studied Western Art music in school and played classical guitar for most of my life.

I really want to show everyone that I can do anything in the musical space. I love proving myself to others but most importantly myself. I’m a little bit intense and obsessive like that, but that’s how I have grown to be able to produce, record, mix, and master. I had to prove to myself that I can do everything that other people were doing, so that’s what I did, learn how to do everything and to become self-sufficient! 

Start the week off with an absolute bang and go get your copy of ‘Things I Do’ HERE

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